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Light Middle East Increases New Lead Generation By 31% With Marketing Automation

After executing on the same marketing strategy for years, Light Middle East decided to reinvigorate their approach with inbound marketing. They began researching new tactics to help them execute on inbound marketing effectively.

About Light Middle East

Since 2005, Light Middle East has been the region’s only dedicated trade show for the lighting design and technology industry. It’s the leading event for the lighting industry in the region and offers a B2B platform to manufacturers, architects, designers, consultants, engineers and construction companies. Some of the additional highlights featured include an industry awards ceremony, an educational conference, and a student showcase.

The main marketing goal for Light Middle East was to increase traffic to the website in order to generate higher attendance for the event. After doing a lot of the same things over the years with decent results, Light Middle East felt they needed to reinvigorate their marketing campaigns to stay current with their audience. Naturally with the young and transitional nature of the labour market in the UAE, it is important to engage in the new and best tactics to reach the target audience. The team decided to be proactive and started researching new marketing trends in the industry to help them stay on track.

Was There A Solution to Getting Their Goals More Aligned?

Before Light Middle East decided to use the HubSpot software to help manage their marketing program, their main challenge was increasing online traffic in order to generate new leads to increase attendance at the event. At this time, all of the leads were coming through traditional marketing tactics like direct mail and telemarketing. Beyond that, they were using traditional digital such as email to reach out to leads, but had minimal metrics or measurements surrounding it. They had little way of knowing how each program was actually working and which ones to spend the most time and money on. The Light Middle East marketing team knew they needed a different approach, but they needed direction and guidance in finding the right way. They began researching new tactics and discovered inbound marketing.

HubSpot Assisted Light Middle East In Generating More Traffic & Leads

After Light Middle East started using the HubSpot software with their marketing tactics, they went to work building traffic to their website.

By carrying out a keyword analysis they were able to discover what potential customers were searching for when they were looking for their events, which made them feel like they were taping into the pulse of what their customers were thinking and doing. They were then able to use the most effective keywords on the website and in the content they generated.

Using Landing Pages & CTAs To Capture Lead Information

Light Middle East also knew they needed a way to capture the information of all the potential visitors coming to their website. By creating landing pages with lead capture forms and embedded CTAs, Light Middle East has been able to gather as much information about each lead as possible. They were now able to track the views of each page and see how many people had converted. Because of the work they have done building new landing pages and CTAs, within the first year Light Middle East has increased their new lead generation by 31%, and achieved landing page conversion of 48%.

Blogging To Help Build Their Web Presence

With HubSpot’s Blogging tools, Light Middle East was easily able to create content they could share with their prospects on their blog, as well as with their social media followers. When interesting topics arose they were able to write a post immediately, share their thoughts, and stay on top of the trends in their industry. The opportunity to use industry experts and guest bloggers who could share their personal views also added to credibility and authority of the event. In addition, the HubSpot blogging platform gave SEO tips while writing in real time and instant analytics so they could see which topics had resonated the most and then allowed for the creation of more content surrounding those topics. In the last year alone, they were able to increase subscribers to their blog by 100%.

Building An Interested Opted-In Email Database

By focusing on building an email database from opted-in leads rather than relying on mass mailings and third party databases, Light Middle East managed to achieve 60% open rates and 44% click through rates on opted-in emails versus 22% open rates and 7% click through rates on batch emails campaigns.



Messe Frankfurt


26 October, 2018


Marketing Automation, Content Marketing, Hubspot